CAD design for the construction industry

Formwork, armouring, working and constructional drawings are the basis for the punctual and economic completion of any building. During the building phase, detailed implementation plans guarantee successful cooperation between the contractors involved.

Roxeler Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH has many years of experience and a large team of technical architectural draftsmen skilled in producing formwork, armouring, working and constructional drawings using the appropriate steel and parts lists. Our service portfolio also includes drafting of digital plans of existing buildings prior to refurbishment, conversions and reinforcing measures.

Our draftsmen are without exception construction technicians with the professional qualifications required to autonomously interpret the results of structural calculations and implement any building design in the field of structural design and civil engineering on state-of-the-art CAD systems.

  • Systematic order processing 
  • Identification of planning errors at an early stage
  • Minimal reworking requirements
  • Dimensional and cost reliability
  • Successful implementation on the construction site
  • Building completion in line with schedule

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